Extension of Post – Study Work Visa – Plans by UK Government

The quantity of Indian students concentrating in the UK has roughly multiplied in the previous three years, with over 21,000 understudy visas given to Indians till March 2019. A white paper on expanding the span that understudies can dwell and work post-study is underway to make the UK an appealing objective for understudies of India, authorities reported.

The quantity of students from India in the UK enlisted a 40% ascent over the previous year. Of the Indian students who claimed for visas, 96% were successful, told Dominic Asquith, who is a British High Commissioner.

Enormous Number of Indians Studying in Abroad

The Indian External Affairs Ministry reported in Parliament that as various as 7, 52,725 students of India are concentrating abroad, with the US picked objective for advanced education. Canada and Australia get the second and third places. Till date, the US has 2, 11,703 Indian inception students.

There is a plan to improve the post-study work profits by the most recent four months to a year, reported Tom Birtwistle, British Council, and Director North India.

In September 2019, senior officials from the London School of Economics will lead an Indian multi-city visit. At the end of the month, Leeds University group will likewise visit India.

Another program – the Research Initiative and UK India Education (UKIERI) Mobility Program: Study in India will empower college students from the UK to complete a part of their degree course in the establishments in India. The legislatures of the two nations bolster the program.

Roughly 200 students from the UK will consider in India from Sept 2020 as a part of the program, told Birtwistle.

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