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  • Malaysia’s international education segment has developed hugely in the most recent decade and the nation is quick turning into a focal point of instructive greatness in South East Asia. Malaysia is as of now the world’s eleventh most favored study abroad goal. As per UNESCO, Malaysia has caught a 2% piece of the pie of global understudies in the quickly developing private schooling part. Malaysia presently has in excess of 80,000 worldwide understudies from in excess of 100 nations. International students appreciate a protected and happy with living condition with 21st century civilities, great social insurance and restorative offices, fantastic instructive organizations, and world-class recreational and sports offices.

    As an Indian student in Malaysia, you may feel absolutely at home since the 3 biggest ethnic gatherings here are Malays, Chinese and Indians. The nation is multi-social, with individuals from numerous religions too.

    Malaysia pursues a problem free migration technique for international students to seek after education in Malaysia. Schools give fundamental help to the worldwide students with their migration systems.

    Malaysia is situated in a topographically sheltered zone free from a wide range of catastrophic events. It is likewise politically steady and serene. Malaysia has a created, cheap and helpful transportation system which interfaces with all the fascinating urban communities, towns, towns and different spots for the students to explore.

    The official and national language of Malaysia is Malaysian, which is an institutionalized type of the Malay language. Notwithstanding, since most of the individuals in Malaysia comprehend and communicate in English great, there is no vital requirement for you to ace the Malaysian language. A semester or two in Malaysia gives you an extraordinary chance to improve your English aptitudes.

    1. Ability to get remote certificate degree qualifications completely in Malaysia from nations like US, UK, Australia, Canada, and so forth at a much lower cost.
    2. Established and superb instruction framework and norms.
    3. High Quality of Life at Low Cost.
    4. Comparatively low consumption of studying and living in Malaysia.
    5. There’s No Language Barrier.
    6. Straightforward immigration procedures
    7. Comfortable, peaceful and safe living in Malaysia
    8. Great place for travel destinations
    9. Wide choices of food
    10. Multi-language country allowing for ease of communication

    1. Is there a deadline for applying?
      No deadline for admissions.
    2. IS GRE/GMAT or IELTS/TOEFL is required for admission?
      IELTS/ TOFEL not required for admission.
    3. How much time it will take to get the offer letter?
      It takes minimum 3 weeks and maximum 1 month to get an offer letter.
    4. Can I work on campus?
      Yes, you can work both on-campus or off campus
    5. Am I eligible for scholarships?
      Scholarships for international students are limited and vary from institution to institution. Students should contact their university for more information on scholarships.
    6. Must I find an internship job only in the field related to my major or is any job O.K.?
      We recommend you to find internship jobs into the concerned field of your study program as internships are meant for international exposure and practical experience.
    7. How may working hours will I probably work each week?
      20hrs per week a student can work legally.
    8. Will I get medical insurance coverage?
      All international students are required to opt for a comprehensive medical insurance plan. Most universities have partnerships with private insurance companies and offer students attractive medical insurance packages.
    9. Can I open a local bank account?
      Yes, you are advised to open a local bank account as soon as possible once you land in Malaysia. It is safe, simple and convenient. Your International Student Support Team at your university will help you with opening a bank account and signing up for medical insurance.
    10. What are the entry requirements to study at institutes of higher education in Malaysia?
      International students must have at least twelve (12) years of education and have undergone a national/international examination recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education for the purpose of admission to diploma or degree programs.
    11. Is it advisable to take hostel accommodation or private accommodation?This solely depends upon your personal choices, although most Malaysian educational institutions offer quality accommodation services at affordable rates.


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