Pre & Post Departure Briefings

When you have been accepted from the University and obtained your Student Visa, it’s time to travel abroad. You will need to attend the International Student Orientation. Please carry enough money to cover your deposits for your rooms and “start-up costs” and also check the weather so can carry the clothes accordingly. Make sure you have to carry all the required official documents. Once you arrive, you will be ready to settle into your new home and enjoy the university’s orientation program.

The Pre-Departure Orientation is an important step in ensuring a successful experience in Study Abroad Program. It gives students an opportunity to understand many realities of future life. Student gets details about their study designations, life there and expectations they have in mind. Other important things they get information about are travel, logistics, health and safety issues, lodging and meals, standards of conduct, travel insurance and more. Students also get an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns they may have about their future in foreign land.

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